Milestone Cards - Baby

Milestone Cards - Baby

Seriously Milestones

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These are not your standard date/milestone cards! This boxed set includes 20 unique milestone cards, that help capture real moments - moments that make you want to cry, but end up making you laugh.

Milestone cards included,
- Got burnt by the car seat buckle
- I just vomited in someones mouth
- I had my head banged into a door frame
- Today my parents are hung over for the first time since having me
- Last night I woke up EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR.
- A teensy bit of my finger got cut off while someone was cutting my nails
- First visit to the ER
- Today I was referred to as the opposite sex
- I rolled off the... Change table. Bed. Couch.
- My first poo in the bath
- Someone dropped their phone on my face when taking my picture
- I screamed all day long for no reason (parents feel free to use this card too)
- I ate ........ off the floor
- I just found my genitals
- Nappy explosion! It went... Up my back. Down my leg.
- I dropped ........ in the toilet
- The brakes were left off my stroller
- I was fed food that wasn't cooled down properly
- Today I learnt to climb out of my high chair

These Milestone cards are,
- Designed and printed in Australia
- Feature rounded edges, so little ones don't hurt themselves and a matte laminate to conquer drool and vomit
- Made from 400gsm paper, sourced form sustainable forests
- Packaging is crafted from 100% recycled stock