Bean Necklace - Honey Amber

Bean Necklace - Honey Amber

The Amber Centre

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This genuine Baltic Amber necklace, has been hand crafted, highly polished and designed especially for children. Not only is this piece beautiful but it also has natural healing properties.

Mothers worldwide are increasingly impressed by Amber as a teething aid - it is renowned for its natural healing properties and has no side effects. When Amber is worn against the skin, naturally-exuded oils (succinate) are released by the wearer’s warmth. These oils have been proven to have a positive effect on the immune system, acting as anti-inflammatory pain-relievers that are especially effective for children experiencing the distressing symptoms of teething.

- Length: 32cm
- Non-toxic
- Each necklace is hand knotted, with a double knot in between each bead - in the unlikely event the necklace breaks only one bead of Amber will come loose.
- Tested and approved against all relevant safety standards
- Each necklace is fitted with a screw clasp, so it cant be easily removed by the child

This necklace is not designed for babies to chew on, only to wear against the skin.