Juju Hat - Large/80cm - Natural


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Our Juju hats are handmade by the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon, in Central West Africa and are 100% authentic. Beautiful bird feathers are painstakingly hand sewn onto an expanding, raffia fiber base/basket that splays out into a huge circle. Feathers are considered rare objects of beauty and a symbol of prosperity and wealth associated with the positive qualities of birds.

Juju hats, also known as a "Bamileke" hat, are traditionally worn as headdresses by Village chiefs and royalty during Bamileke tribal ceremonies and weddings. These hats are so special that when an owner dies, they are passed onto the next of kin and used for many generations. It is thought that you gain the knowledge and wealth of the previous owner. 

Juju hats have since gained popularity with high end interior designers, this historical artefact used as wall decoration that showcase a stunning dislay of luxe texture, like no other.

Each hat is unique and generally takes an average of 1-2 people 2-3 days to complete. The feathers and sizes of each Juju hat will vary slightly, as they are handmade and each one of a kind, imperfections are a part of their beauty. If we are wishing to purchase online please email for more detailed and specific photos.



Tips & Tricks:
- Moths may be attracted to the feathers of your Juju hat. We highly recommend that you spray your hat every 3 months with an anti-moth spray. You may also use a cedar block or bag of dried lavender in the back of the hat to repel any moths. 

- We recommend not hanging coloured Juju hats in direct sunlight to avoid fading or discolouration.

- To fluff out your Juju hat they love a light DRY blow dry.